Distributor focus: Peaberry Limited, Thailand

Tomorrow Wednesday May 31 until Sunday June 4 Bangkok will be the host city of a huge coffee expo. The World of Coffee & Tea! Within Bangkok, the expo will take place in IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center. This is the largest column-free exhibition hall in the world. In 2016 this event attracted 42,000 visitors, making it one of the largest coffee- and tea expo’s in all of Asia.

We will exhibit at this event, displaying our machines, sharing our knowledge and meeting up with lots of people with a passion for coffee!

The role of our distributors

Giesen exhibits at a large number of international expo’s worldwide annually. Given the fact that we cannot be present ourselves at each of those expo’s, we consult our own Giesen-certified distributors to represent us there. In this case, at World of Coffee and Tea in Bangkok, our Thai distributors of Peaberry Limited will represent us.

Peaberry Limited – Thai Specialty Coffee Roasters

Peaberry Limited is a Specialty Coffee Roastery. The comapy been involved in the coffee business for 10 years. This business’ vision encompasses the appreciation of every aspect of the coffee roasting process. From the green beans gathered by coffee farmer, to the roaster and barista preparing – and – ultimately, the client enjoying the cup of coffee. Peaberry’s mission is making people aware of the value and passion of all participants of the coffee chain.

“Despite being centered in Thailand – we roast coffees from all over the world. From Panama Geisha to Thai local coffee beans”, states Chartree Treelertkul, CEO of Peaberry Ltd.

Relationship with Giesen

Peaberry, as well as our distributor, is a loyal Giesen customer – posessing the W45A, W15A, two units of the W1M and the latest Giesen Sample Roaster.

They have assembled a wide array of customers – from coffee roasters who supply their customers with freshly roasted beans, to artisanal coffee roasters and hobbyists, who roast coffee for personal use.

The contact between Giesen and Peaberry was established a long time ago – it all started when we met up and were introduced to the W1M Coffee Roaster. Chartree Treelertkul, CEO of Peaberry Limited, stated: “We tested it and found that Giesen can deliver some flavors and tastes that others cannot”.

Becoming a distributor

Becoming a distributor may sound like a very complicated long-term process, but with Peaberry it went very easily, almost naturally. “After purchasing our first Giesen, we ordered more units for a friend in Thailand. From there on forward, we became Giesen’s distributor for Thailand!”

Interaction with Giesen Clients

Peaberry Ltd. proactively reaches out to the Thai coffee world, in order to spread knowledge and help interested clients. “We do trainings, workshops and join exhibitions. We are also active in PR and advertise Giesen to create more awareness around the brand. And we consider it very important to meet new people interested in roasting themselves, and help them build the perfect machine through indentifying and discussing their wishes.”

That is why the contact Peaberry has with Giesen clients is personal and thorough. Meeting up face-to-face is most preferable, since this way it is the easiest to identify a client’s personal wishes and visualize the perfect coffee roaster together. Peaberry meets up with Giesen clients at its’ Academy, at which their coffee roaster collection displayed.

Other follow-up methods are contact by phone, social media and chatting software. Despite this method is effective for many clients, Peaberry prefers initial contact to be established at expo’s and trainings.

We provide all Thai Giesen clients with installations and maintenance, we also guide them in the preparation process before  installing a Giesen Coffee Roaster.

Future ambitions

For now, we expand our service- and sales department to gain more familiarity in Thailand. We invest more in marketing activities related to roasting coffee with Giesen.

A prominent example is tomorrow’s trade fair, World of Coffee and Tea in Bangkok. If you are in the area, be sure to visit Peaberry at Giesen Coffee Roasters’ stand. We hope to see you there!

Want to learn more about the events Giesen Coffee Roasters will attend? Check out our events page!

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