The story of our German client Q Kaffee

At Giesen we like to look at our clients for inspiration. After a good deal, we interviewed our client and business partner Q Kaffee, based in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Discovering coffee

Business owner Alexander König describes his business as a coffee roastery, cafe and shop. The enterprise starter as a small-scale family business, constructed by a family of knowledge-hungry gourmets and researchers. ‘Our passion and curiosity are what inspire us.’Q Kaffee has operated in the roasting business since 2012, and during that time their passion for roasting has only increased. ‘What makes it interesting is to question everything. Discover, taste, smell, enjoy, try, find out, go new ways!’ As a business they have chosen to specify in Parcels-, bio- and fair coffee.

Human to Human

Q Kaffee prefers a different approach to communication than the traditional ‘Business to business’ or ‘business to consumer’ method. Q Kaffee underlines the value of ‘H2H’, or ‘Human to Human’ as an overarching communication strategy. It is an interesting idea for any business. After all, every bit of communication is produced by humans. What makes humans unique is their ability to connect to one another on a personal level. This ability may be reduced purely through the perspective of a ‘business’.

How we met…

Q Kaffee came into contact with Giesen Coffee Roasters on a trade fair and learned more about us through the internet. Alexander states, when asked about his purchase of a Giesen coffee roaster: ‘It is important to make the roasting experience on an old roaster. Nowhere else can you learn more’. We at Giesen are more than satisfied in knowing that we have supported these curious people in their quest for knowledge about roasting coffee by the way our machines are constructed.

Future ambitions

Q Kaffee is by far not done yet; with regard to the future they are choosing to focus on a mobile shop system. This allows for customers to purchase machines on their smartphones. Q Kaffee reflects positively upon working with Giesen Coffee Roasters; ‘if you want to get perfect quality and want to get the maximum from the bean… then you need a Giesen’, Alexander states. He reflected on the service as ‘good and fast’. Obviously the pleasure is mutual. If you want to know more about Q Kaffee, check out their website:

Or their Facebook page:

And, of course, check out their photos below!

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